Scarlette Averley

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Scarlette is a Huddersfield based artist, specialising in Printmaking, particularly Reduction Lino Cut. Her practice is  centred in ‘place’, exploring locations and buildings of personal significance or local renown. Scarlette’s colour palette tends to be bright and bold, which reflects her relationship with, and interpretations of the subjects. These dense layers of colour are achieved with heavy duty, industrial, oil based inks that leave a sheen or glossy finish on the prints.

Unlike traditional lino printing, reduction lino involves cutting away the surface of one  lino block in stages and printing each stage, layer by layer, on top of the last. Creating a multi-coloured, tonal print. Intricate detail can be achieved as well as bold abstracted  imagery, the results can be as stylised and individual as the maker chooses.

“I am a committed practising Printmaker with a great enthusiasm for the craft, a current studio-holder and Trustee of West Yorkshire Print Workshop.”

Scarlette’s pieces are limited edition, original handmade prints, in varying edition sizes.

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