Neil Anderson

Neil in studio, using etching press

Neil Anderson born in Aberdeen and now living in Otley, West Yorkshire, spent over twenty five years in the printing industry. A career change coupled with a lifetime’s interest in making art led Neil to study a BA (Hons) Fine Art degree at Leeds Metropolitan University, where he graduated in 2011. 
Neil is interested in what is hidden, what has been overlooked and is understated, everyday objects and landscapes, often “time-worn” and imbued with history and memory. Through his practice he aims to reinstate the overlooked and give it new life. 
By using the paradigm of the Palimpsest as a metaphor, significant memories, histories and interpretations can be resurrected and re-evaluated. Things that are there but cannot be seen, things we seek and have to excavate as well as the things we want to see, all are made newly available. By making them available, objects, histories, memories and interpretations, challenge the viewer, inviting them to seek meaning in the work, and allow the viewer scope to project or extract their own meaning. 
Whilst the materials and processes Neil employs are varied, he is always atavistically drawn toward the earthy austerity of the landscapes he knows and loves and which are his greatest inspiration. 
Neil is a freelance artist who teaches at West Yorkshire Print Workshop in Mirfield, specialising in monoprinting, etching, woodcut, linocut and screenprinting. He is also a member of ‘Inkers’ - 


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