Lucy Gell


Lucy studied graphic design and illustration at Staffordshire university and then began a career in animation. During my this fun and exciting time she was responsible for fabricating the Martians in the Tim Burton film ‘Mars Attacks’ and making many foam latex and silicone parts of puppets for productions at Cosgrove Hall Films in Manchester. Lucy was given the wonderful role of puppet maintenance on many children’s TV productions. However Lucy’s ultimate goal was to become a puppet animator. Achieving this she went on to animate on programmes including Noddy, Postman Pat, Bob the Builder and Andy Pandy.

After attending an evening workshop in printmaking Lucy began hooked and her passion for all things print began! Taking a break from animation to start a family Lucy found she was able to devote more time to printmaking. This provided a good work – life balance while her three children were young.



Lucy’s hand printed original prints and illustrations blend simple design, line and textures with an emphasis on character and personality. Much of Lucy’s work focuses on acid plate etching, however more recently Lucy is completely obsessed with screen printing. Now a member of the West Yorkshire Print Workshop, Lucy creates all her artwork for screen printing by hand using tracing paper, black ink and pencils. The hands on approach to this kind of printmaking is what she loves so much. “I don’t want things to be perfect, I love the surprizes you get with printmaking” Lucy says. She illustrate the wonderful creatures that walk and fly around our crazy world. Animals have played a very important role in her life and each one has its own individual character and personally that make them all so special and unique.

Lucy runs regular printmaking workshops locally to her home town of New Mills, Derbyshire with the more recent additions of art retreats in Europe.