Kate Desforges

Kate is a practicing artist printmaker when she’s not working in the office. She has a playful, experimental approach to making prints, producing one-off pieces and small, varied editions which often combine various techniques. Her work focuses on place, real or imaginary, and aims to address the push and pull of disparate elements, exploring dissonance, harmony and balance through line, tone and texture. The physical act of making is at the core of her practice. Idea, material, process and aesthetic become interwoven through experimentation, the importance of each constantly shifting. Through a conscious manipulation of materials – carving, scratching, sanding, layering, she removes the image further from its origin so that it becomes something new and other, allowing the viewer to interact with the work from their own position.

Her specialisms are etching, photo-intaglio, lithography, (plywood and photo-plate), and woodblock printing.


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