Our World, Our Crisis

17 April – 16 June 2023

An exhibition of prints, textiles and film responding to our changing relationship with the natural world and the current climate crisis.

Climate Change is the greatest challenge our planet has ever faced. As our landscapes, weather and way of life changes with it, we ask questions about how we live and reflect on the passing of time, our changing landscape and our relationship with it. In this exhibition questions arise at how our places have changed and how we look at our natural world. Works include representations of fires in the Amazon, a hand tufted rug which draws attention to the increase of colossal icebergs, some the size of Greater London, breaking off from Antarctica in ‘calving events’ as a result of climate change; as well as changes to our own UK landscapes such as the threat to our wetlands from urbanisation and perceptions of wetlands as ‘wasted lands’ and the threat to our woodlands from HS2.

The run of this exhibition covers World Environment Day which is on the 5th June 2023 and is run by the United Nations. This year’s theme is ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’. WYPW is attempting to reduce its own carbon footprint for this exhibition with the use of recycled paper for exhibition information, environmentally friendly exhibition panels and off-setting carbon emissions created by transporting the artworks to The Point by planting a new dye garden in Mirfield and reducing energy usage at the workshop itself in 2023.

Six artists: Tracy Hill, Andrew Warburton, Liadin Cooke, Sarah Duncan, Jemma Gunning and Clare Carter; who are from across the UK, have been selected for this exhibition as they respond to our changing landscapes and our place in the world through their artistic practice. 

Our World, Our Crisis is a touring exhibition curated by West Yorkshire Print Workshop.

Location: The Point, 16 South Parade, Doncaster DN1 2DR

Opening times:
Monday 9-6
Tuesday-Thursday 9-7
Friday 9-4.
Closed Saturday and Sunday.