Nick Loaring (The Print Project) – Creative Careers Week

The Print Project aka Nick Loaring and his creative career have taken a varied path inspired by music, skateboarding and the opportunity to work with great people.


Who are you and what do you do? 

I’m Nick Loaring – a letterpress printer based in Shipley, West Yorkshire. I design and print my own posters, prints and books and work with a range of clients in the music, art & cultural sectors. I also run letterpress workshops.

Did you study a creative subject? If so, what and where?

I got out of school at 16 and wanted to design record covers and skateboards after being inspired by the graphics of Jeff Nelson (Dischord Records), Jim Phillips (Santa Cruz Skateboards) and David Carson (Transworld Skateboarding), so ended up studying a BTEC Graphic Design at Stafford College and then many years later decided to go back and do an HND in Graphic Design at Calderdale College which lead to a full time job working as a Graphic Designer.

What printmaking techniques do you work with?

Letterpress is a relief printing process which means you can print from a wide range of materials, from wood or metal type to things cut out of lino or scrap wood by hand, saw or laser. Over the last few years I’ve really come to love lino-cutting, you can do it anywhere and without a press!

What inspires you?

Working with great people, music, skateboarding and reading books.

Name 3 great things about your job?

Freedom – I work for myself so get to choose what to do and what not…!
Flexibility – I can take time off when I need to, but I also need to work late when there’s a deadline as it’s just me.
Fun – It’s taken me all over the place and I’m immensely grateful for all the fun and opportunities it’s provided over the years. It’s definately NOT an office job.

What top tip would you have for a young creative?

For years when I wanted to break into the design world I tried to be something that I wasn’t due to bad advice. I realised that I just needed to be myself, but it took a long time to get to that point and to feel confident in my abilities. So I’d say…be yourself.