Susan Wright

Susan is an artist/printmaker from Halifax, West Yorkshire, where she has a studio. She specialises in etching, collagraph and monprinting, producing both two and three dimensional work. Her work is concerned with archive and discarded artefacts and their relationship with the earth, it reflects both the delicate nature of each specific artefact and the tensions between the fragility of the physical landscape that it was found in. Both affected by the overwhelming destructive impact of humanity on the world, they reveal the insubstantial nature of the original artefacts and also reflect current threats to the stability of the earth. The imagery, devised from the eroded edges of the found papers and texts, often suggest maps or landscapes and this forms a new topography, a new narrative embedded within them. Artefacts carry knowledge and information, they record human history and interactions. Through the transformative process of printmaking, the artefacts are renewed, and the prints therefore hold and record a different history. Often pieces of the original artefacts are included in each print, and for this reason the prints are rarely editioned in the traditional way.