Sarah Grundy

I have newly moved to West Yorkshire. The exhilarating landscape has fired my imagination. I see the textures, layers and scale, then produce sheets
of textile-type studies using a variety of drawing and print making techniques, fusing them together with etching, photocopy transfer, photo-litho and a range of graphite processes together to create a new deep ground image. The layers are then rearranged, both small and very large.


Prior to West Yorkshire I worked in a number of diverse countries as a film & tv Make-up Designer. Places such as Rwanda, Argentina, India I used their very different workshops and artist’s studios.

I intend on returning to some of these locations in the near future to  continue themes I began years ago, again working with their quintessential landscapes.


I studied at Sheffield Art School: B.A.(Hons)Fine Art: Sculpture.
I very much enjoy portrait and life-drawing.


March 2021