Paul Walsh

Paul Walsh is an artist who lives in Mirfield and who creates visual and audio art. His visual art has been predominantly digital until he recently started to work in photo lithographic print.

“As a lover of a variety of artforms my interest in printmaking goes back a long way, to DADA and throughout the 20th Century including POP art and the punk and industrial music scenes. Other than producing cassette covers and gig flyers using letterset and photocopy machine manipulation in the 80’s and 90’s I never got into printmaking. A lack of time, equipment and facilities combined to put it out of reach.

A recent change to my working pattern gave me more free time and I booked onto a one-day Photo lithographic course earlier in the year. Of the WYPW courses available this was the one that appealed to me the most. I use photography in my digital work and it seemed to offer the possibility for the most photo realistic results whilst still having the look and feel of a handmade print.

The course was excellent and, aside from a pandemic related break, I haven’t looked back. Whilst I still consider myself a beginner I am progressing with each session. One of the most interesting and appealing aspects for me is that I am now producing digital artwork specifically with this print process in mind. A new horizon.”