Maggie Thompson

Maggie Thompson is an artist from Huddersfield who has been a member of WYPW for about 10 years. The main focus of her practice is etching, primarily upon steel. When making new printing plates it is important to her that the means by which they are made has a relevance to her thoughts about the subject matter.
Her work is concerned with space in the widest meanings of the word and particularly in those places which can have more than one meaning, which are transitional, or the virtual and limitless space of the mind within the finite confines of the body.
Her fascination with print lies in the way that it binds together of conceptual opposites, the mirroring of the plate and print and its capacity to make what is absent and has been removed from the plate visible. Although etching is a deliberate action, there is a large degree of chance in the work that she makes, aiming to influence rather than control the outcome of the process which produces the printing plate.