Dan Booth

Dan Booth screen printing
I’m a screenprinter with a passion for exploring colour. I spend a lot of time experimenting to find the perfect palette for each print.
My screen prints have been describe as looking “instagrammy” and “photographic, yet not” – both descriptions I like.  Most of the prints I produce start life as photographs. I’ve always been an obsessive taker of photos – even before the advent of Instagram, I was always snapping away, making a record of my surroundings. When I took up screen printing in 2011 (after learning to print at WYPW), I chose to use my photographs as the source material. Subject matter includes landscapes, local landmarks, and trees. Huddersfield and the Colne Valley provide a lot of inspiration.
I produce screen prints of a more abstract nature too, inspired by minimalism and happy accidents in the studio.
My background is in Graphic Design, and I’ve been working as a web design / digital designer for over 20 years. The reason I took up screen printing was to get back to creating with my hands.