Guide to Linocut

Reduction Linocut at WYPW

Linocut is a relief printing technique in which a linoleum block is cut into using a sharp gouge tool. The block is then inked with a roller and impressed onto paper, either by hand by burnishing on the back of the paper, or with a press.

The higher (uncarved) areas of the block are the areas that will print. Multi-coloured linocut prints can be made either by using multiple blocks, or by cutting away the surface in stages and printing layer by layer, a technique often referred to as reduction linocut.

Here at WYPW we sell lino and wood blocks in our shop, along with a range of papers suitable for relief printing processes, and we have table space, bench hooks and spotlights for members to sit and cut blocks. We provide Hawthorn stay-open oil-based inks for relief printing, and members can use our Imperial platen press which provides ensures even pressure and consistency.