Graham Pilling – Creative Careers Week

Today we’re discovering the path of @ArmyofCats, aka Graham Pilling.

Graham is a graphic artist and printmaker, with a musical focus and unconventional and inspiring career journey.

Discover Graham’s work and #discovercreativecareers.

Who are you and what do you do? 

Hello I’m Graham Pilling, a graphic artist & printmaker from Leeds. I do commercial design work for nice clients as well as create and sell my own screenprinted posters and art prints.


Did you study a creative subject? If so, what and where? 

I dropped out of college to play music but fortunately this led to creating posters and flyers for small bands and labels. Through a process of making lots of mistakes, working various random jobs, and constantly teaching myself new things I managed to develop it into my fulltime work.

What printmaking techniques do you work with? 

In terms of fine art printmaking, I’m primarily a screenprinter. The graphic design aspect of my work also involves working with more modern offset and digital printers.

What skills do you need to do your job?

There are a million little skills required but 3 important ones are: an attention to detail; the ability to communicate well and deliver things on time; and the discipline to know when to get away from the screen and take a nap.

Name 3 great things about your job. 

The flexibility of being able to manage my own time and workload. The pleasure of making art people want to own and display in their homes, or (with client work) the satisfaction of helping bring someone else’s project to life.

What top tip would you have for a young creative?  

Don’t stress about following what you have been told is the ‘correct career path’. It’s different for everyone. Don’t neglect the fundamentals but also learn to develop your own artistic eye. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by advice — Sharpen your thinking skills and learn to make decisions. You’ll get there!