Gillian Tyler – Creative Careers Week

Our second artist today is WYPW member Gillian Tyler, a Freelance Illustrator and Printmaker!


Who are you and what do you do? 

I’m Gillian Tyler and I am a freelance Artist Illustrator & Printmaker 

Did you study a creative subject? If so, what and where?

After taking A levels in Art, Art history & Painting at Barnsley College I did a foundation course at Barnsley Art College followed by a degree in Illustration at Manchester Polytechnic 

What printmaking techniques do you work with?

I have worked in etching, linocut and wood engraving . I love the hands on approach to making artwork. 

What inspires you?

I’m inspired by the natural world and by the people and places that are about me. 

Name 3 great things about your job?

The ability to work in a creative way most days and connect with other artists and fellow enthusiasts in all thingscreative and in print.

The development of ideas and new ways of working in order to   communicate with others.

It’s a wonderfully rewarding feeling when you are contacted by people who say that your work has moved them and hasmean’ta lot to them in some way. 

What top tip would you have for a young creative?

Be drawn to the things that inspire you and make work about it. Take time to play and have fun experimenting with new ways of working. Seek out new opportunities, advice and training to develop your creative practice. Connect with other artists and be supportive of them. They are your tribe. Be persistent in your approach, don’t take rejection too seriously. Keep sketch books and make drawing your daily practice. Build up a resource of ideas as a starting point for new work and keep and always keep an open mind. Don’t get too hung up on the development your, “own style’, focus instead on the continual practice and production of work. Develop your own creative thinking and the ability to appraise your own work without being overly critical. Take pride in your achievements. Don’t work for free, unless they are going to clean your house in return!