Susan Wright

Susan Wright creates artworks which are concerned with archive and discarded artefacts and their relationship with the earth. They reflect both the delicate nature of specific artefacts and the tensions between the fragility of the physical landscape. Both are affected by the overwhelming destructive impact of humanity on the world. By revealing the insubstantial nature of the original artefacts, the prints also reflect current threats to the stability of the earth. Artefacts carry knowledge and information, they record human history and interactions. The prints hold and record a different history. WEBSITE

‘There is a map like appearance to each print and as they are both frail and insubstantial in nature, the prints reflect the current fragility of the earth. The physical forces used in the etching print process also replicates powerful earthly forces of pressure, time and repetition. Hand-made paper produced from waste paper was pressed onto recycled fabric from old maps. These are used to make each unique print, thus including an original artefact in each piece. The imagery, devised from the eroded edges of the found papers and texts, forms a new topography, a new narrative. Tiny pieces of text emerge from the paper and the fabric. The works demonstrate a temporal vacillation which enables them to be possible glimpses of the future as well as referencing the past.

They hang independently, unframed, holding the memory and stains of previous map folds, ghosts of what they used to be. They move as the air passes over them, shadows form and constantly change the objects adding to their ephemeral qualities.’