Pam Grimmond

Pam Grimmond is based in North Yorkshire and a couple of years ago completed an MA in printmaking at Camberwell College of Arts, London. Much of her work explores ideas through drawing and layering transparent papers, which are then refined and resolved in to print using drypoint and lithography. Her recent art work has been inspired by the urban environment:

‘My work interprets and reflects the spaces of the city. Architecture acts as a means to explore and articulate ideas about space. The practice of psychogeography is a method for gathering information, generating an awareness that has the Situationists’ derive, or purposeful walk, as its historical frame of reference. WEBSITE

‘My work stems directly from a physical engagement with the spaces of the city and ties into ideas around memory, time and perception. It reflects the experience of moving through architectural space, where sudden glimpses and partial views lend significance to previously unnoticed aspects. Facades of city buildings develop abstract qualities. Unexpected spaces within a city often reveal older, forgotten stories. Their narratives have been interrupted, sometimes forcibly, yet remnants still remain, unconnected to newer neighbours. The city does not fit neatly together; there is a discontinuity in the urban fabric. In its relentless state of flux, it appears random and chaotic. The familiar is rendered unfamiliar, creating new perspectives and realities. There is sometimes a sense of disorientation or vertigo in the precarious and unreal landscapes, a turning inside out of the safe and familiar.’