Mario Gonzalez

Mario Gonzalez is a visual artist and printmaker who does a variety of works, from abstract matter paintings, sculptures, experimental prints to more traditional drypoints.


Mario was born in Cuba in 1993, and has been living in London since 2015 where he has been involved in the printmaker community printing at London Print Studio and Artichoke. Also has taken part in some exhibitions and art events, the most recents were Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair and “Unveiling” a contemporary printmaking group show at Knight Webb Gallery which was also organized and curated by Mario.

Memorias, Drypoint on japanese paper and lightbox, 84 x 77 cm, 2019. £1400

This work belongs to a series called “Memorias” where the artist through the drypoint method reflects about the idea of representing landscapes from his motherland printing it over and over until they become blurry, abstract and hard to see. Also the work is part of an artistic action where Mario wonders the streets of London with the work folded in his pocket as a guide and reminder of home.