Lesley O’neill

My work explores the essence of whom we are in the world as individuals when faced with trauma, whilst trying to keep a ‘dark’ sense of humour. 
I graduated from the Slade with a HDFA in Fine Art Printmaking, exhibiting during and after education for a further five years. 

After a life-changing event my work had to stop and I got a ‘proper’ job. 
Skip to 2020 and my life was again changed but this time by a tragedy and I returned to my work. Since then I have participated in seven ‘live’ exhibitions and six virtually. 

The process/medium I choose is as important as the subject matter. I like to make Woodcuts for its harshness and unpredictability, Linocuts for its skin like texture and the ability to be slightly more precise. Recently I have been experimenting with Collagraph, I like creating the surface, line making and selective ‘wiping’ that can give the print a ghostly, otherworldly feel. 

lesleyoneill-artwork.org lesleyoneill-artwork.org

In my latest work, shown here, the narrative has shifted slightly to show characters from childhood. 

I crochet dolls. Arrange them into scenarios and take photographs. Collage, draw and transfer the image onto my chosen surface. Altering once more as the cutting/scratching and adding progresses. 

The finished piece is usually a surprise, which is one of the joys of printmaking, not having full control.