Leonie Bradley


I am a conceptual artist currently exploring themes of identity, privacy and the ecological crisis. My practice is broad, encompassing writing, printmaking, animation, installation and production. This new body of work brings together all the themes in my practice. 
AI is feared by many and there are legitimate concerns about how we protect our ideas. I am exploring its potential and limitations as a tool for artists, just as Thomas Bewick repurposed copper engraving tools to invent wood engraving as it exists today. Using an AI art generator, I repeatedly input the same basic text prompt and interpret the results, which are often amusing and physically impossible. 


The series is titled ‘Text Prompt: A General History of Quadrupeds’, referencing Bewick’s pioneering book that documented all known four-legged animals of the time. Regarded as the Attenborough of his era, if he were alive today, Bewick would undoubtedly be campaigning to raise awareness of the ecological emergency, highlighting the loss of species and their unique habitats. 
Evoking the spirit of Bewick’s illustrations, such as the ‘Cameleopard’, an animal he imagined solely based on written descriptions, my prints serve as a reminder of the precarious state of the natural world. Should we fail to confront the crisis now, countless more species could be lost, and we might once again find ourselves resorting to our imaginations to visualise these creatures.