Dianne Murphy

The images associated with childhood form my visual language and the topics discussed have grown and changed throughout the years. I originally studied as a painter but, apart from the occasional portrait, my main practice is now that of a printmaker who specialises in steel plate, colour inked etchings: all the inks are applied and printed in one pull only. This is quite a specialised and time-consuming process, but the result is mellow and warm with an ochre background tone.

Current works involve discussions around recognising how difficult simply navigating a life path can be, questioning the value and length of our existence and highlighting the crucial role of women within society. Drawing on Jung’s writings and then following this questioning thread back through time has, for me, evidenced the importance of symbols and the act of visual communication itself throughout history. My work is fed by researching areas of interest but always comes from the perspective of a woman and a mother and is fundamentally feminist in nature.

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