Meet Our Print Fellows

We are really excited to introduce our two new Print Fellows – Fleur Ward and Bach Singh.  They’ll be with us for a year and they’ll be in the workshops on a regular basis from mid-October, so do say hi! We can’t wait to welcome them into our artist community and see what they get up to in the print studios. Read a bit more about them in their own words below:

Fleur Ward

Hi Everyone!

My name is Fleur and I use She/They pronouns. I’m an illustrator & printmaker from the Midlands and I’m lucky enough to have been selected for one of the printmaking fellowships at WYPW. I hope to use the practical knowledge I gain from the fellowship to give me the confidence to go further in my career as a printmaking technician. Regarding my own printmaking practice, I’d say it’s very diverse in subject. I mostly use the technique of screen printing, as I love to work with really vibrant colours. Plus I have quite a love/hate relationship with lino printing. I’m also looking forward to learning print techniques that I’m not yet familiar with, and they just might sway me away from screenprinting, who knows?

Although my work is quite eclectic, a subject I consistently return to is portraiture. I take a slightly less traditional approach to portraiture, for my focus is always representation & empowerment. My goal is for more people to see themselves portrayed in art, as a work of art. They are my way of creating visual ‘love letters’ to those that inspire me. This is something I hope I’m able to develop and explore further over the coming year.

Bach Singh

I’m currently working as a printmaking instructor and freelance illustrator – and I’m looking forward to learning more practical techniques and skills at the West Yorkshire Print Workshop. I love the practice of printmaking, in particular etching which is something I’m hoping to develop even further during my fellowship.

I’m heavily inspired by natural objects, and I like to include them in the printmaking process to help develop compositions and create abstract forms. Mark-making is the aspect of etching which I find the most intriguing, allowing me to translate my illustrations into interesting and unique lines, giving them an entirely different feeling. I hope to come out of this fellowship having met some wonderful people, learning valuable new techniques and skills and having developed my ideas for interesting prints.