Current Exhibitions

Urban Wallpaper

22nd May – 26th June

We are delighted to re-open our project space at Unit 2, The Piazza, in Huddersfield on Saturday 22nd May with a stunning display of art work created for the Children’s Biennale – a celebration of art and culture by young people from across the borough of Kirklees.

Printmakers have been working with students to develop an installation of Urban Wallpaper – inspired by the local landscape and life over the past year. The exhibition is open to the public on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, 10.30am – 3.00pm.

off-site exhibitions

#HEARTyourtown – Mirfield and Heckmondwike

9th July – 5th September

An exciting new art in the public realm project, as part of Kirklees Council’s #HEARTyourtown initiative, by Julia Borodina, Helaina Sharpley, Jim Bond, Marina Poppa/Jasmine Greaves, Lucie Sykes/Michael Dunn, Harriet Lawson/Nicola Wind.

West Yorkshire Print Workshop is working with local artists and local businesses to create art installations, window displays and temporary sculptures during July and August. Animating the streets in Mirfield and Heckmondwike, and bringing some visual joy to our town centres, there will also be a number of live events taking place, including artist demonstrations, participatory sessions and an off-street ‘animation’ performance to celebrate the art in Mirfield.

About the art works:


Jim Bond is creating a window installation in Huddersfield to celebrate Mirfield resident Brian Robinson (born 1930)  – the first British cyclist to win a stage of the Tour de France in 1961.  A wonderful sculptural installation of suspended bike parts evoking the dynamic and explosive energy of elite cycling. A sample of Jim’s display will be on show in the window of the Salvation Army shop in Mirfield.

En-Plein Air

Julia Borodina is running painting demonstrations and drop-in workshops for adults and families, inspired by the local landscape. A great opportunity to see an artist at work and for people to join in. Look out for Julia’s art banners around Mirfield town centre.


Working from design ideas contributed by local children, Harriet Lawson and Nicola Wind are creating colourful paintings featuring birds, butterflies and bees, signalling messages of hope, positivity and progress.  They will make a beautiful intervention at Mirfield train station.

Paper Moths

Marina Poppa and Jasmine Greaves are working with local people to create a series of paper moth installations, on display in shops and community locations in Mirfield. In addition, a special walkabout with Giant Dancing Moths will animate the town centre on Saturday 17th July, along with drop-in workshops. 

Floating Memories

Lucie Sykes, in partnership with Michael Dunn, is creating a wonderful digital installation, which blurs the boundary between the physical and the virtual spaces we have inhabited for the last year. Workshop participants are creating digital sculptures alongside a specially composed sound track. Audiences will experience these floating sculptures with use of their smartphones and QR codes placed around the streets while walking in Heckmondwike town centre.

Bird Spotting!

Helaina Sharpley is creating a trail of magical 3D birds made from wire and mixed media around Mirfield  town centre, sited at various heights, some inside, some outside, with a bird spotting card for the public to encourage looking in shops and places they normally don’t notice.

Future Exhibitions

Wonderland by Mohammad Barrangi

8th July – 28th August

We are delighted to present the work of Mohammad Barrangi, illustrator and print-maker, originally from Iran, and currently living in West Yorkshire.

Mohammad regularly exhibits in the UK and internationally and this unique showcase of artworks by an increasingly acknowledged artist (he has had two works recently purchased by the British Museum) presents his ongoing interest in combining elements of Persian calligraphy, storytelling and touches of humour. Using a creative process with handmade traditional calligraphy pens and a blend of mark making styles, Mohammad creates small pieces that are often expanded into large scale murals. This transformation is achieved through laser photocopying, collagraph and collage. Fusing these elements in one process, the artist creates works that encompass a range of disparate visual motifs, each referencing specific eras or cultures, but creating a unique cross-cultural combination. This otherworldly body of work is often inspired by ancient Persian scholars as well as the Persian Epic ‘The Conference of the Birds’ by Attar of Nishapur.

The exhibition at our project space in Huddersfield will include existing prints, specially created new works and a large scale window drawing. Alongside the exhibition, and with support from the One Community foundation, we will be running participatory workshops for children, young people and families, inspired by the artworks on display.

Past Exhibitions