Exhibition: Object/Image/Image/Object

Abstract photo of a Sally Barker print

16 September – 22 June

West Yorkshire Print Workshop is delighted to be showing a selection of works by members of Yorkshire Sculptors Group, coinciding with the Yorkshire Sculpture International (22 June – 29 September).

Five artists from YSG have been selected, including: Garry Barker, Sally Barker, Victoria Ferrand Scott, Carole Griffiths and Terence Hammill. The exhibition opens up a conversation around sculpture and printmaking – a dialogue between object and image – and showcases several art works specially made for the show.

YSG was set up in 1985 with the intention of bringing together sculptors living and working in the Yorkshire region to promote their work through exhibitions and discussions. They have shown their work in many venues throughout Yorkshire and beyond – from York Minster, the cathedrals of Ripon and Durham, the Bowes Museum, to many public and private galleries in London and across the UK.

Yorkshire Sculptors Group exhibition
Yorkshire Sculptors Group exhibition
Sculpture and prints by Victoria Ferrand Scott, the Yorkshire Sculptors Group exhibition
Print and sculptures by artists Sally Barker and Terry Hammill
Close up of Sally Barker's sculpture installation
Print and sculptures by Carole Griffiths, Yorkshire Sculptors Group exhibition

This exhibition at WYPW will present a unique display of works engaging with traditional sculptural materials (such as wood and clay) and traditional printmaking techniques (such as etching and linocut) alongside hybrid art works which incorporate a combination of two- and three-dimensional approaches.