Flourish Award 2016

The winner of the Flourish Award will receive a year’s free membership at West Yorkshire Print Workshop and the chance to present a solo print exhibition at Huddersfield Art Gallery in Autumn 2017. The judges will also award prizes to highly commended artists in the exhibition, kindly donated by Great Art, Jackson’s Art Supplies, Intaglio […]

Flourish Award 2015

Corresponding Event We are delighted to invite you to Flourish Award 2015, which takes place from 6pm – 8pm on Friday 2nd October. 11 artists have been shortlisted for the award and their work is on display in the gallery until the 7th November. The winner receives the opportunity to stage a solo show at […]

Flourish Award 2014

Corresponding Event On Friday 10 October, WYPW is hosting a very special event to celebrate the recent improvements made to our facilities as well as the Flourish 2014 exhibition. The evening will include: An ‘IN CONVERSATION’ event with last year’s Flourish winner Scarlette Homeshaw and fellow printmaker Kevin Holdaway, combined with a live demonstration of […]