Bringing it together

Bringing it together

15 January – 19 March 2022

Clare Phelan | Kathryn Desforges | Nigel Morris | Theresa Taylor

“Global anxieties and concerns associated with disaster have been the lived experience of 2020. How and why have we continued to make art? Although we know something of how this singular moment in time has affected our work individually, this exhibition seeks to present an open-ended conversation and experimental dialogue as shared experiences are revealed in our art works.”

Four Northern-based Artist/Printmakers reflect on the impact of COVID 19 on their practice, exploring the common and divergent themes that have emerged in their work over the past two years. The exhibition includes both wall based and paper installation/3D work and a range of different printmaking processes from etching to drypoint, lithography, collagraph and screen-printing techniques.

Each of the printmakers in this exhibition has developed their practice over many years, pursuing areas of interest with rigorous investigation and experimentation, drawing on observations of the visible world filtered through subjective experience and imagination. Much of the work employs languages of abstraction, from geometric structures to gestural mark making, with the printmaking process key to the final production. There is a constant dialogue between the image (which might include elements of outmoded industrial technology, glimpsed in-between spaces of urban or natural landscape, or the symmetry of constructed shapes and lines) and the evolving processes of using ink, paper, plate, screen, roller, press, etc.

There are other threads of connection between these artists: reflections on experiences of time; feelings of anxiety and distance; of being in control or not in control; of continuing to research and develop ideas despite the pandemic or acknowledging its influencing presence and effect.

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Download our catalogue here: Bringing It Together – Catalogue

Thursday and Saturday 10.30am – 3.00pm   Unit 2, The Piazza, Huddersfield HD1 2RS