Alicia and the letterpress

Testing letterpress type

We’ve had Alicia with us since June on work placement from Huddersfield University and she has been an absolute star in helping out around the workshops. A couple of weeks ago we had a session in the print room trying out some of the lovely new-to-us letterpress equipment. Here she is testing out one of 2 new Adana tabletop presses, (that brings our collection up to 3 now), with a simple birthday card design which she set in 18pt Gill Sans. We also now have our first cases of wood type which we are very excited about!

Members can use all of this equipment for the standard hourly rate. If you haven’t done any letterpress before, you’ll need to come on one of our courses before using the equipment. If you’re experienced with letterpress, you’ll need an induction and then you can use to heart’s content!

Alicia on a work placement with us, testing out letterpress equipment.